Write For Us!

Calling all Makeup Masterminds – Yes Until The End needs YOU!

Hello makeup artists, cosmetologists, and the connoisseurs of the beauty world,

Thank you for wanting to be part of our ongoing contributor network. We aim to feature the best of the best out there in the makeup world, and maybe that can include you!

We would looooove love love for you to whip up a trial assignment for us; show us a makeup look that you love to do, one that makes you blush (or bronze) with passion… *wink*

We want to see what kind of awesome makeup or beauty looks you can whip up! We know you’ve got the talent, now PROVE IT!

Here’s the dealio: This ain’t no full time gig. It’s geared towards makeup artists who already do amazing makeup work on themselves or others, and want to show off their skills.

Does this look like something you’d like?

  • Make a little extra cash on the side,
  • Showcase your skills to tons of people looking to amplify their look
  • Contribute to a community of beauty goddesses
  • Push more traffic to your makeup blog or business OR
  • All of the above.

We want to continue to build a community across our sites and we are open to so much great creation; from eyeshadow inspiration, to best lip colors, to foundation tips and tricks, and everything in-between.

Round it out with a nice final photo of your final product (different from the first) and a concluding paragraph that toots your own horn and tells people to get to it too!

Whip up one of these for us (this should NOT be a multi-day affair for you on this first one). You are more than welcome to use something you already wrote up on your own blog so long as the photos are great (and belong to YOU), the descriptions are solid, and the layout follows ours. Show us your flash, your pizzazz, your attention to detail, and your ability to teach.

We start everyone off at $25 a post for roughly 500-word tutorials and $5 per photo we publish. Most posts include about 10 photos, which means you are looking at around $75 a pop for stuff you already do anyway (to say nothing of the fact that millions of folks will get to see your stuff!)

Fill out the form below. We are really looking forward to it! And hopefully paying for beauty supplies and giving you lots of assignments very soon. We 100% pay for any blind submissions we end up using, so submit away, my makeup masterminds, submit away!

Fill out the form below to submit your work and join the Yes Until The End: