Should You Do a Skincare Routine Before and After a Face Mask?

Everyone wants a shining, brightening, and beautiful skin; however, it is not that easy to achieve it; one has to take good care of their skin. A skincare Routine helps to enhance the age of your skin by removing all the impurities and dead cells from the skin.

In this article, I will explain a skincare routine before and after a facemask.

Before Applying the Face mask

Before applying the face mask, one has to prepare their skin by removing the dirt, and making it completely clean, so that the goodness of the mask can reach the skin. Here is the step by step using a facemask.

Face wash

Before applying anything on the face, make sure that your face is completely clean from dirt and impurities. Cleaning the face with face wash will help to remove the dirt only from the above layer of the face. After cleaning it, you are ready for the next step.


After cleaning the face, here comes the next step, exfoliation this helps to remove the layer of dead cells from the face. This makes your face ready to absorb all kinds of nutrients from the mask. As an exfoliation, you can choose any good scrub or scrub pad.


This is the last step before applying the facemask, tone your skin before using the facemask. Toner helps to maintain the pH of the skin. You can apply the toner with the help of the thin cotton; do not use thick cotton as it consumes much of the liquid, rather than applying it on the face.

After completing these all the steps, now you can apply the face mask on your face; after keeping it for a few minutes, wash it with warm water. Warm water helps to open the pores from your face.

skincare routine

After Applying the face mask

Now, let us move to the steps about after applying the face mask

Tone again

Applying the toner again helps to close the pore again, and trap the nutrients inside the face, making it healthy for your face.


Now, this is the last step of the skincare routine, after all these steps your skin may become a bit rough and dry. To avoid this, and make your skin moisturizing apply moisturizer after completing all steps. Try to apply night care cream, because at night your skin gets a lot of time to heal and repair.